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Sponge Co.

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About Our Sponges

The sea sponge is an interesting plant…or is it an animal? It grows from a hard surface, like lime rock or any hard bottom & filters water, using what it needs to live & exhausts the rest – all by means of an elaborate canal system.

About Tupelo Honey

The rare and exotic Tupelo honey is prized for its buttery taste and health benefits. Due to it’s high fructose to glucose ration, it can safely be used by diabetics. It is also sought after for it’s anti-aging properties and other health benefits.

About Our Soaps

Our soap is handmade with goat’s milk & olive oil for the most soothing & moisturizing lather. Goats Milk adds richness & a creamier lather to bath & body soap. It is also very moisturizing.

handmade goats milk soap
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