About Our Soaps

Our soaps are handmade with olive oil and goat’s milk. You can choose from 24 different scents.

Why Goats Milk?
Goats Milk adds richness & a creamier lather to bath & body soap. It is also very moisturizing.

Why Goats Milk Soap?
Milk has been used as a cleanser & beauty aid for centuries! Goats Milk however, has special qualities – some that are still not fully understood. It is used universally by people with sensitivities to other types of milk for everything from feeding babies to bathing. By adding milk to our soap, we lower its pH which helps to maintain the natural pH mantel of your skin. Goats Milk is also a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids.

Recent bath & body studies indicated that alpha-hydroxy acids rejuvenate your skin – making you look & feel smoother & younger!